Jan. 22nd, 2011

hector_rashbaum: cast of JONAS, b&w (jonas cast)
Hi flist! I keep thinking "I should update DW/LJ" and then I realize the only things I have to say I've already told to the only people who care (I'm talking about fandomy things, not lifey things, that wasn't "woe is me no one loves me").

I have things to pimp, though, so.

New round of the JB Kink Meme! Round two kind of crashed and burned, but I am hopeful about round three. I wish it was a Disney-in-general kink meme, because most of the Disney pairings I want to read dirty hot porn about are JoBro-less, but oh well.

Because I am no longer content to be a Fandom of One (okay, there were, like, three of us), I started a comm for Disney/Bandom crossovers, [livejournal.com profile] bandomxdisney on LJ. You should all join and then come play in the fic fest.

I have written things! One was for the aforementioned ficfest, Brendon/Kevin, Kevin joins Panic after the split.

The other is the second most self-indulgent fic in the entire world (the first most is still sitting in my WIP folder), porny Nicole Anderson/girl!Spencer Smith set in MCR's Killjoy 'verse.

I think that's it! Now that my hangover is gone I'm gonna go play Sims foreverrrr.