Feb. 1st, 2011

hector_rashbaum: cast of JONAS, b&w (jonas cast)
I am on a double dose of hydrocodone (stairs are a BITCH), painting my nails (Panic! inspired manicure, it's gonna be awesome if I remember to save the intricate bits for when I'm not hydrocodone-d), trying to sort out a giant fic 'verse so I know what I need to plot for BBB, and loling at myself because I just stumbled on the fragments of that JBJ/Gore fic I was writing ages ago (do I have more than one person friended who still remembers that phase?).

And I wasn't doing enough, so it's a good thing I remembered I haven't updated with the latest newsings.

I am, obviously, home from the hospital. Surgery was yesterday and hugely uneventful (well, I can say uneventful, I slept through it. Apparently I bled more than anticipated and the whole thing took an extra 45 minutes. Um. Sorry, Mom). Once I got fully un-anesthesia'd I felt better than I had all week; everyone who's seen me since has commented with many !!!s about how surprisingly not-sick I look.

I am in very little pain, except when I walk (which is why I needed a double dose of painkiller - I took one dose, sat for five hours, and then cried when I stood up), and except for the fact I have to keep to teeny-tiny portion sizes because I just didn't eat for five days, I'm eating normally with little fuss.

Thank you for the well-wishes! I ♥ you all.