Jun. 6th, 2011

hector_rashbaum: nicole anderson, b&w, big hair (Default)
What's the least obtrusive/annoying way to include a source link for a quote in a fic? I'm going to have links to some of my research sources in my extended author's notes, including the site the info's quoted from, but I'm uncomfortable having a largeish paragraph quoted unacknowledged in the text.

I could do it like a footnote, but I don't know if I would want to make it an actual footnote, and IDK if it would be annoying to click on a link at the end of the quote and go to a whole new page (in a new window/tab, but still) if you're thinking "footnote"1

Also, if I go with the footnote style, I could go with a number or words. Number feels right to me because that's just what I'm used to, but it'll make the whole "expecting to be brought to the bottom of the page and getting a whole new page instead" thing worse. IDK though I think having "source" up there looks kind of silly?source

And then there's good old-fashioned parentheses, but something about that is really unappealing to me when I look at it in the context of a fic and IDK what. It's kind of clunky and feels like it might pull people out of the 'verse a little? (Source)