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I wrote some stuff! For [livejournal.com profile] mayqueen517's birthday because it is the least she deserves.

If It Ain't Your Love, or the one where Ryan J fucks Nicole Anderson while Tom watches and Sean is all tied up (go read it and then you will see what I did there).

Someday I will write more in that universe, it's one of my favorites.

Also I'm kind of drifting away from hector_rashbaum as an identity; I don't see myself switching regular journals in the near future, but for fic and stuff you might want to consider following [personal profile] fifteendozentimes more closely than hectorfic. If you already follow me on twitter/tumblr you may have noticed I change my handle on both to 15dozentimes; if not, I do most of my fan stuff on those sites nowadays so you should come find me.

I am dealing with that kind of so-thick-it-feels-like-choking anxiety, which is the best. What do you think I'll have more luck with, trying to get from northern Vermont to Boston and back with zero dollars, or willing money into my bank account? I am refusing to acknowledge the realistic and depressing option because it is NOT an option.

There are only six bandom big bang summaries left, and one of them is mine! Surely there are some artists on my flist who want to claim it and disarm my insecurity (do you see what I did there)? Someone remind me next time I'm not really cut out for big bangs, or any challenge that requires people to publicly judge me based on something I know I'm awful at (summary-writing).