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Hello friends! I am officially retiring this DW/LJ and shifting to a new name ([personal profile] fifteendozentimes/[livejournal.com profile] 15dozentimes), so if you notice either of those names friending you it's because I'm shifting my dwircle/flist over. You are welcome to take this as a defriending amnesty (although you should also know I am in a state of permanent defriending amnesty, I don't keep track at all of who has me friended), I promise I won't be offended even if I notice who hasn't friended the new names.

Also when I say I am moving I mostly mean I don't want to have to check two flists or keep logging in & out, you shouldn't take this as a sign that I am going to shift back to using LJ/DW more often. As always, your best bet for keeping up with me fannishly is [twitter.com profile] 15dozentimes and/or [tumblr.com profile] 15dozentimes
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soooo this is not a post that i really relish making

I think probably most of you know [personal profile] mayqueen517 and I have been dating (and some of you know the whoooole involved history) and, uh, that is...not the case, anymore.

It's not...it's amicable, we're still friends (the official agreement was "you work on your stuff, i'll work on mine, we'll probably be awkward for a while but then we can be best bros?"), so yeah. If you have seen me be a little erratic and weird for the past couple days NOW YOU KNOW WHY.
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I am running an Ian Crawford commentfic fest! You should all go play in it.

(there is also a LiveJournal simulcast, for people who don't want to play on Dreamwidth)
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Yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] akire_yta

Give me a title and a cast (up to five people) and I will give you the movie synopsis (and if you're really lucky, a poster)

for purposes of this meme feel free to assume any and all band people are potential actors.
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what you all should do right now is give me some empires-y prompts that i could theoretically squeeze 10k words out of
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My awesome girlfriend, [livejournal.com profile] mayqueen517 is going through a really shitty time right now, money-wise. Her wonderful dog, Molly, who is the sweetest giant baby ever, tore a ligament in her knee and needs expensive surgery so she won't be suffering.

To help with the cost, she's offering fic, mixes, and/or handmade earrings in exchange for donations. Her fic is awesome (and she can do wonderful, coherent things with prompts like "WEDDINGS AND BABIES AND FLUFF GIMME"), her mixes are a delight, and her earrings are fucking fantastic - well-made enough to stand up to long nights of my ridiculous drunken club dancing, and so pretty I always get compliments on them.

Plus, even if everything she made/wrote was crap, you'd be helping a truly wonderful person get through a truly rough time. And as a bonus, I'll write a ficlet for anyone on my flist who donates (just comment here to let me know). So please consider giving.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled radio silence broken up by occasional memes.
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Answers from the 15 character meme. I meant to do this before I left for Hell weekend (I will probably tell the story later) but I didn't I HOPE THE SUSPENSE DIDN'T KILL YOU.

Chrissy's Questions )

akire_yta's questions )

trcunning's questions )

la_disonnance's questions )
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Bored and blocked, which means meme time.

15 characters meme! I have a super secret list of fifteen characters. Ask me about them and their relationships and their adventures and whatever (tell me about 15's favorite birthday, what is 1's dearest wish, 7 and 11's last kiss, etc. you know the drill by now), and I will tell you!
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my eardrum burst, i have a migraine and a sore throat, and i can't stop coughing long enough to sleep

i say this every tine i get sick but you should rec me (write me???) some fluffy h/c while i'm suffering

and if you haven't yet go read my big bang fic so at least my ego will be healthy ;)
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My Bandom Big Bang fic is live! It's Ryan/trans man Jon, and even if you don't read it (you should totally read it, though) you should check out the awesome drawing and mix I got.
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I could use a good ego boost as I approach my BBB day :D
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What's the least obtrusive/annoying way to include a source link for a quote in a fic? I'm going to have links to some of my research sources in my extended author's notes, including the site the info's quoted from, but I'm uncomfortable having a largeish paragraph quoted unacknowledged in the text.

I could do it like a footnote, but I don't know if I would want to make it an actual footnote, and IDK if it would be annoying to click on a link at the end of the quote and go to a whole new page (in a new window/tab, but still) if you're thinking "footnote"1

Also, if I go with the footnote style, I could go with a number or words. Number feels right to me because that's just what I'm used to, but it'll make the whole "expecting to be brought to the bottom of the page and getting a whole new page instead" thing worse. IDK though I think having "source" up there looks kind of silly?source

And then there's good old-fashioned parentheses, but something about that is really unappealing to me when I look at it in the context of a fic and IDK what. It's kind of clunky and feels like it might pull people out of the 'verse a little? (Source)



Jun. 5th, 2011 02:00 pm
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1. I am embracing my laziness and not bothering to write anything coherent about the Charlotte Panic show. [livejournal.com profile] mayqueen517's writeup covers all the important stuff; I've posted the handful of pictures that came out on Flickr, and a video of C'Mon on my tumblr. Also, please enjoy this dramatic reenactment of Ian giving me his set list and winning me over forever.

2. Give me some shoe advice! I am super into the idea of crochet booties like these with ridiculous socks and a pretty dress, but I can't tell if that's one of those things that either I only like in theory and not in practice, or one of those things where I'm the only person in the whole world who thinks it looks good, or if it's one of those things that's a legit good idea.

3. Why isn't anyone writing nuPanic GSF? And Brendon/Dallon? And Brendon/Ian? And Ian/Spencer? And all other conceivable pairings, threesomes, and moresomes? GUYS, they brought in a tiny guy and a tall guy for maximum size kink potential and no one is taking advantage. Ian Crawford's hips! What is wrong with this fandom :(

4. I am so incredibly into Foxy Shazam right now oh my God I never want to listen to any other music WHO WANTS TO TALK TO ME ABOUT HOW GREAT THEY ARE AND HOW SOMEONE NEEDS TO WRITE ALEX/LOREN AND ERIC/LOREN AND ERIC/ALEX AND ALSO AN AU WHERE NICOLE PLAYS BASS FOR THEM AND HAS SO MUCH SEX WITH EVERYBODY FOREVER. Who do I have to fellate to make a Foxy Shazam fandom happen? Just tell me and I WILL DO IT.

5. song meme thing )
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 10 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

songs! )
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I'm too broke for this to be a reality for a little bit, so this is mostly putting out feelers:

Is there anyone on my flist in the UK or Germany who'd be willing to let me have a package shipped to them, then ship it to me? I'd pay for all the shipping (up front, so you shouldn't have to dip into your own pockets at all) and I'd be happy to throw in some extra cash (and/or a fic or something?) for your trouble.
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(trigger warnings: I talk a lot about anxiety-inducing things, and repeat a rape joke Brendon made during the show)

soooo, Panic.

Okay so first of all you really need to understand what an ordeal getting this was. Not a full week after I bought the ticket, my trusty car died. Then I didn't get paid. Then the tickets never came in the mail. Then the ArtistArena guy who sent the "your tickets have shipped, contact us at this e-mail address if there are problems" e-mail gave me the wrong contact info, then the day before the show I had no tickets and no way of getting in touch with anyone to get me the tickets. Then I dropped my phone in a cup of coffee, leaving me with no way of communicating with [personal profile] verbosewordsmith after I left my house.

To understand just how bad all of this is, you need to understand that my anxiety disorder is such that even with everything going right I have been known to have attacks over manufactured problems.

But I persevered! Armed with my mom's car, my birthday check + money borrowed from my dad who can't afford it, a tweet from Zack Hall promising I wouldn't drive four hours just to be turned away at the door, my Nook, and the knowledge that all Vermont rest stops have WiFi so I would at least be able to communicate for the two and a half hours before I crossed into New Hampshire, I set off, only ten minutes later than my Official Departure E-mail to [personal profile] verbosewordsmith said I would be leaving.

And then I got on the interstate and realized I'd left all the proof I'd bought tickets, plus my directions, on the bed. So after turning around, retrieving paperwork, and my mom forcing me to sit down and count to ten so I wouldn't forget anything else, I was another ten minutes behind. Whatever, I could totally make that up by speeding, right?

Read more... )

You probably do not care at all about my anxiety attacks, though! You want to hear about my meet & greet and the concert, yes? LOL tough shit, there are anxiety attacks in those stories, too.

Read more... )

I am the worst at talking about concerts. MOSTLY IT WAS THE BEST even considering everything I/we went through to get there and the little issue of the sketchy banter. I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHARLOTTE though omg.

ALSO, [personal profile] verbosewordsmith is the BEST EVER, so that was a good thing!
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Everything is going wrong w/r/t seeing Panic in Boston and I am having a stress meltdown and by the time I actually get there I will be 100% a wreck and I will probably ask Brendon his thoughts on pegging and not be allowed in to any more meet & greets
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I wrote some stuff! For [livejournal.com profile] mayqueen517's birthday because it is the least she deserves.

If It Ain't Your Love, or the one where Ryan J fucks Nicole Anderson while Tom watches and Sean is all tied up (go read it and then you will see what I did there).

Someday I will write more in that universe, it's one of my favorites.

Also I'm kind of drifting away from hector_rashbaum as an identity; I don't see myself switching regular journals in the near future, but for fic and stuff you might want to consider following [personal profile] fifteendozentimes more closely than hectorfic. If you already follow me on twitter/tumblr you may have noticed I change my handle on both to 15dozentimes; if not, I do most of my fan stuff on those sites nowadays so you should come find me.

I am dealing with that kind of so-thick-it-feels-like-choking anxiety, which is the best. What do you think I'll have more luck with, trying to get from northern Vermont to Boston and back with zero dollars, or willing money into my bank account? I am refusing to acknowledge the realistic and depressing option because it is NOT an option.

There are only six bandom big bang summaries left, and one of them is mine! Surely there are some artists on my flist who want to claim it and disarm my insecurity (do you see what I did there)? Someone remind me next time I'm not really cut out for big bangs, or any challenge that requires people to publicly judge me based on something I know I'm awful at (summary-writing).
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Bored. Meme!

Ask me either a broad question (i.e 'who is your cruelest character?', 'what is your most optimistic story?') or a specific question/request ('what world does ___ come from?', 'tell me about ___') and I will answer you. Or you can ask meta- questions like 'what was the inspiration for creating ____?'

(I am pretending my last post didn't happen except to say I appreciate you all so, so much ♥)
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i don't understand why people put up with me