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1. I meant to mention this when it started, but I kind of wasn't paying attention, whoops. Anyway, untl February 28th you can create a Dreamwidth account without an invite code, so if you've been wanting a DW, now's a great time to make one. After the 28th, there's always [site community profile] dw_codesharing, and remember I keep an updated list of my available invite codes right here.

2. I am kind of taking an unofficial writing hiatus, because I was making myself miserable pushing through a writer's block that's refusing to give, but I'm making an exception for [community profile] romcomorama, which looks fabulous. It's similar to harlequin challenges - claim a plot and adapt it to your fandom. I'm going to write Enchanted-style Nicole/Brendon/Spencer because I am not capable of resisting an excuse to literally toss a Disney princess from her own universe into bandom.

3. [community profile] femslash_kink is running a mini-meme using Texts From Last Night as prompts, starting March 5. You know what is femslash? Nicole Anderson/Hailee Steinfeld is femslash. Do you know what is a Text From Last Night? "Quick question... Can I call you daddy? Or would that just really made the whole 8 year age gap a bigger deal...?" is a Text From Last Night. JUST SAYING.
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