May. 23rd, 2011

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(trigger warnings: I talk a lot about anxiety-inducing things, and repeat a rape joke Brendon made during the show)

soooo, Panic.

Okay so first of all you really need to understand what an ordeal getting this was. Not a full week after I bought the ticket, my trusty car died. Then I didn't get paid. Then the tickets never came in the mail. Then the ArtistArena guy who sent the "your tickets have shipped, contact us at this e-mail address if there are problems" e-mail gave me the wrong contact info, then the day before the show I had no tickets and no way of getting in touch with anyone to get me the tickets. Then I dropped my phone in a cup of coffee, leaving me with no way of communicating with [personal profile] verbosewordsmith after I left my house.

To understand just how bad all of this is, you need to understand that my anxiety disorder is such that even with everything going right I have been known to have attacks over manufactured problems.

But I persevered! Armed with my mom's car, my birthday check + money borrowed from my dad who can't afford it, a tweet from Zack Hall promising I wouldn't drive four hours just to be turned away at the door, my Nook, and the knowledge that all Vermont rest stops have WiFi so I would at least be able to communicate for the two and a half hours before I crossed into New Hampshire, I set off, only ten minutes later than my Official Departure E-mail to [personal profile] verbosewordsmith said I would be leaving.

And then I got on the interstate and realized I'd left all the proof I'd bought tickets, plus my directions, on the bed. So after turning around, retrieving paperwork, and my mom forcing me to sit down and count to ten so I wouldn't forget anything else, I was another ten minutes behind. Whatever, I could totally make that up by speeding, right?

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You probably do not care at all about my anxiety attacks, though! You want to hear about my meet & greet and the concert, yes? LOL tough shit, there are anxiety attacks in those stories, too.

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I am the worst at talking about concerts. MOSTLY IT WAS THE BEST even considering everything I/we went through to get there and the little issue of the sketchy banter. I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHARLOTTE though omg.

ALSO, [personal profile] verbosewordsmith is the BEST EVER, so that was a good thing!