Jul. 18th, 2011

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Hello friends! I am officially retiring this DW/LJ and shifting to a new name ([personal profile] fifteendozentimes/[livejournal.com profile] 15dozentimes), so if you notice either of those names friending you it's because I'm shifting my dwircle/flist over. You are welcome to take this as a defriending amnesty (although you should also know I am in a state of permanent defriending amnesty, I don't keep track at all of who has me friended), I promise I won't be offended even if I notice who hasn't friended the new names.

Also when I say I am moving I mostly mean I don't want to have to check two flists or keep logging in & out, you shouldn't take this as a sign that I am going to shift back to using LJ/DW more often. As always, your best bet for keeping up with me fannishly is [twitter.com profile] 15dozentimes and/or [tumblr.com profile] 15dozentimes